Your local Mobile Marine Service Agent for Perth and Surrounding areas.

Hi and Welcome to our Blog page. This summer We took note on things your had to say about the services we provided and heres a few things that came up frequently

Some of the things things we offer

  • Value for Money:no hidden costs or expensive surprises!.
  • Speak Directly to Your Mechanic:no service advisers or middle-men, so you can feel confident all your concerns are being heard by your personal mechanic.
  • Monday to Saturday Boat Battery Delivery:
great prices with fast delivery. Next time you’re stuck with a flat Boat battery, we’ll get you moving again.
  • Logbook Warranty Servicing:
FALCON SERVICES AUSTRALIA Mobile Marine Mechanic will service your Boat at your place. You get a better service at a better price without the transportation hassles. Fleet servicing also available.
  • All Makes and Modelsyour personal mechanic is fully trained. We’ll take Care of your Boat as if it were our own.

Finally! A Perth Mobile Marine Mechanic

who Care for both the Boat and it’s owner!

Have you ever felt outraged at being “ripped off” by a Boat dealer service department?

You’re not alone!

Our customer feedback and surveys have revealed a set of wishes people share in common when they a Mobile Marine Mechanic in Perth. FALCON SERVICES AUSTRALIA Mobile Marine Mechanic is listening Carefully.

Here’s what you said:

You want Value for Money

You said: “There’s nothing more frustrating than taking your Boat in for a specific repair… and being pressured to fix other things that really aren’t broken… or when they do things without asking and all of a sudden you owe an extra $150 for new Fuel lines! That said, the important things (like “you need new oil seals”) must be addressed. It’s a fine line. I just want someone professional, courteous and who understands my need to stick to a budget!”

That’s why FALCON SERVICES AUSTRALIA Mobile Marine Mechanics makes sure you get:

  • a plain English explanation of exactly what’s needed to repair and/or service your Boat.
  • a courtesy phone call before we make any unexpected repairs… so you know exactly where every dollar is going

You Want the Convenience of a Mobile Marine Mechanic Servicing Perth 6 Days

You said: “It’s so annoying having to book my Boat in – sometimes having to wait weeks – and then have to find transport to and from work in order to pick up the Boat. It’s frustrating when the only time I can book in on weekends and they are often booked out weeks in advance.”

FALCON SERVICES AUSTRALIA Mobile Marine Mechanic solves this problem for you…

  • We come direct to your door – work, home, anywhere!
  • Whether you need regular minor/major logbook warranty servicing or a new Boat battery, save yourself the hassle of arranging “alternative transport”. We’ll come to you. A mobile service saves you time and money. It’s the best solution.

You want Convenience and Old-fashioned Good Service

You said: “ I would like to explain my problems to a mechanic and not to a (dealership) service adviser.”

FALCON SERVICES AUSTRALIA Mobile Marine Mechanic Perth guarantees…

  • you’ll get to speak one-on-one with your mechanic. Your requests are heard… not filtered out by a service adviser trying to “upsell” you on unnecessary extras. Get the personal service you deserve.

You said: “I hate it when most other mechanics leave my Boat dirty.”

We take pride in going the extra mile for our customers…

  • We’ll even vacuum up our mess… leaving your Boat fresher and cleaner than it was when we started. After all, you’ve got enough to do in your busy life. You don’t need to clean up after us! We’ll always leave your Boat tidy.

You’d Rather Stick with a Trusted Mobile Marine Mechanic than Shop Around for Prices

You said: “I prefer one on one service with a regular mechanic than to shop around for the cheapest prices.”

Let us save you the hassle of shopping around.

  • You can rest assured you’re getting great prices because WE do the shopping around for you!
  • We make sure we’re sourcing the highest quality parts at the best wholesale prices, which means you’re getting value for money every time.

Join our list of satisfied Boat owners by giving Tom a call on 0458 852 591 and experience the personal mechanic difference.

We aim to give you the best, regular boat servicing and logbook warranty repairs.

Join our list of satisfied Boat owners.

Book a Service using our online booking service online 24/7

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